The Philippians Fund

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The Philippians Fund is an in house funding pot of £10,000.00 per year available to churches within our circuit. It is to help kick start new projects or develop existing ones which fit within our circuit vision and statement which you can find by clicking here.

The Philippians Fund was set up because we want to be a circuit which is encouraging its churches to new and exciting work. We want to encourage growth and development. This pot of money can support churches in doing that work.

Finding out more and documentation for 2022-23

Please use the documentation below to apply to the Philippians Fund. The monitoring form is to be used at the end of the work you have completed, if your application is successful.


Getting in touch with the Philippians Fund Team

You can get in touch with the Philippians Fund Team if you have any questions by emailing

The fund is currently being administered by the Circuit Treasurer, Andrew Morris.

The Philippians Fund