Social Justice - Making a Difference

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Methodism at its very heart is a movement which has always sought to walk alongside those who were marginalised by society and which fought for justice and fairness. These values are those which we also hold very dear today.

This section of the website is a way for you to get involved, whether you'd call yourself a Methodist or not, in the important work of making a difference in our city. Scroll down for the opportunity to join a network of like minded people as well as information on the four main priorities we have chosen to focus on this year. Here you will find how you might get involved in a variety of different ways with these key issues. 

The Network

As well as being a resource of local information on our priority areas, see below, we also hope to create a supportive network of those interested in Social Justice. More information is coming soon, if you would like to be involved then please do get in touch with us by emailing

Our Priority Areas 

We have selected four priority areas within which we would like to make a difference in our city, scroll right down for a list of these. Within each of these areas you will find ideas and ways in which you can get involved in making a difference, whether you are a Methodist or not, by praying, volunteering, giving money, or campaigning.

We hope that whoever you are you will find many helpful ways in which to get involved in each of these areas. We cannot all do everything, but together all of us might make a significant difference in our city by doing what we can.

  • Climate Crisis
  • Tax Justice
  • Homelessness
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
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The number of people in our city who are homeless is rising, find out more about this issue here, as well as how you can best get involved.
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Refugees and Asylum Seekers

65 million people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes, the UN estimates that 86% of those people are sheltered by developing countries. How can we play our part?
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Climate Change

Climate change is a global issue which everyone faces, find out more information below about how you can get involved in making a difference.
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Tax Justice

A global issue that must be faced internationally, how can we put pressure on our government to make headway in this vital area?