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Social Media Guidelines

Birmingham Methodist Circuit and The Methodist Church recognises that the Internet is an integral part of children’s and young people’s lives. The use of the Internet opens up fantastic educational and social opportunities and experiences. There are numerous ways in which children and young people can access the Internet, through the use of school and home computers, games consoles and mobile phones. As the Internet and other forms of social media open up a whole new world of learning, opportunity and experiences, its use also opens up some risks.

In accordance with the Methodist Church Safeguarding policy, we are committed to protecting children and young people from harm. Details of this national methodist policy can be found on the Methodist website at

Below are four different sets of guidelines, click on the item to view the set of guidelines:

If you fit into one of those four categories we recommend you have a look through the guidelines to keep yourself or those you are parent or a worker to safe.


Social Media