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In the Methodist Church preachers rotate around their circuit, preaching at many different churches each year.

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Pastoral Letter


The summer seems to have taken an early exit, I do not feel very warm!

In Last week’s OT reading (Genesis 32: 22-31) we heard the story of Jacob, wrestling with ‘a man’ in the night, the same night he is preparing to meet with his brother Esau after a long time. The encounter leaves him with a broken hip and a new name.

The past few months may have been bruising in different ways for some of us. But we can limp away in the hope that new life is sprouting at the breaking of the coming Methodist New Year.

Yet, this Sunday’s Gospel (Matthew 14:22-33) reading gave me so much to ponder on. Jesus has 'left' the disciples alone; a wonderful theological conundrum because being omnipresent, God is still with them! Jesus leaves the disciples to journey in the boat without him: they are fishermen so know how to do this. (But I gather quite a large percentage of fisherman can not swim, they can only rely on their boat). Jesus stays away in the darkest hours of the night, whilst the disciples cope with the choppy waters; which they do because they're fishermen and they also
know how to do this.

The disciples are only alarmed when the supernatural literally walks onto the scene; a ghost travelling across the water. Jesus comes to the disciples just before a new day is dawning; a
liminal space, a threshold ~ Peter daringly offers a challenge to Jesus, a question laden with fear
And then, a holy calling of Peter's bluff.

I am wondering about what Kingdom tasks we are simply left to get on with on 'our own' because we know how to do them? What are we already skilled at?

I am wondering what the new day may bring? I wonder what the new year will bring for us as Circuit and as Church?

But I am learning something, as I keep limping into a holy future carried by sacred winds that blow with whispers of hope. I am learning to say this to myself;

I haven't sat with this long enough …….
I don't have words to say what I’m seeing……..
Let me ponder…..… I was wrong……. I have not read/seen enough yet.
This is my experience…….
I'm not certain but this is what I trust.
God is love…….God is just
Niceness is not justice.

Friends, keep limping……a new dawn is breaking!

Peace to you.

The Rev’d Farai Mapamula -15th August 2023

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