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In the Methodist Church preachers rotate around their circuit, preaching at many different churches each year.


Coronavirus Update

Dear friends in the Birmingham Methodist Circuit,

Attached is the Circuit Plan for the month of October. Thank you to everyone for all your help in enabling us to put this together. 

On Sunday 17 October, the Time4Change group is promoting a day of Racial Reconciliation.

The intention is to stand together as the Church across all denominations, declaring our sorrow and repentance over racism and looking forward to a more united future.

Please see the message from Time4Change which includes the links to sign your Church up, provides worship resources for morning worship on the 17th October, and publicity and promotional materials.

You will see from the Plan that several services have been allocated as Own Arrangement Worship. The President, the Revd Sonia Hicks and Vice-President Barbara Easton have chosen the theme of God’s Table; An Invitation for All. In the link there are flexible worship materials including resources for a Local Arrangement Service.

There is also a link to the Worship Sheets provided weekly by the Methodist Church for those at home who cannot attend a Service which provide an excellent starting point for planning an Own Arrangement Service too. 

It is also worth noting that if your Church or any of your congregation subscribe to Roots, there is a full service provided for each week.

We hope that all of this is inspiring and helpful as we journey together in God’s love, justice, mercy and peace. 

Nick Jones


Helpful Information

COVID UPDATE: If you are a circuit office holder or member of staff, please do click here to find the latest COVID Update from the COVID Team, including helpful advice and contacts during this new lockdown period.

PROPERTY REMINDER: Please could all those who oversee church properties be reminded that during this lock down period, regular weekly checks will need to be done as before, more information will follow in due course from our Circuit Property Officer, Richard Burr.

Get in Touch

You can contact a member of the circuit team, including the Superintendents, by visiting our contact us page here.

Preaching Plan