Supporting Methodist Charities

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The booklet below details which Methodist Church Funds and Charities we support and how.

The Booklet

Methodist Charity Booklet

What is it about?

This booklet contains information about the mission of Methodist Church Funds and Methodist Charities, and how we can contribute to them as the people of the Birmingham Methodist Circuit.

As Christians called Methodists we belong to local churches or ecumenical partnerships, but also feel part of a larger connected community, which we call the Connexion.

The Methodist Church is structured to reflect the sense of being connected to one another, based on the theology of the Christian community as the 'Body of Christ '. Just as the human body is made up of different limbs and organs that depend upon each other, so we, the followers of Jesus Christ, should have a common bond that makes us feel one another's suffering and joy. Therefore, we should put the welfare of the whole body before our own individual wants and needs.

It is this understanding of Connexion that must inspire our approach to resourcing these Funds and Charities, which seek the welfare of others both nationally and globally.

Rev Neil Johnson

Supporting Methodist Charities