Woodgate Valley Community Project


About The Project

The Woodgate Valley Community Project began in 1974 as a partnership between the Church of England and Methodist Church. The original community work on the estate was based out of a building, St Francis Church and Community Centre, and was formed around the congregation which met within it. After almost fifty years of faithful effort the work on the estate has changed shape, but still holds the same values of encouraging personal growth and that life is better when lived in community at its core. The congregation ceased meeting in the mid-naughties and later the building was sold to the International Christian Fellowship. The sale of the building was a release for the project and allowed the community work to continue without the management of a building draining energy away from it.

The project is currently run by a circuit Community Worker, Maria Clack, who has been a resident on the estate for many years. Much of the work of the project is done through the Woodgate Valley Community Association (WVCA), an organisation set up through the project to engage local residents in the work. The WVCA run community activities, a job club and many other community activities in the local area in partnership with other local stakeholders.

Project Funding

The Woodgate Valley Community Project is funded from three different places. The Birmingham Circuit funds a portion of the running cost with significant contributions from ____ and ____ for which we are very grateful.

Get in Touch

If you would liike to get in touch with the project, please contact Maria Clack using the details below:

  • maria.clack@growing-communities.co.uk
  • 0121 427 6728

Woodgate Valley Community Project