The Holy Habits Programme

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The HOLYHABITS Programme is a 2 year programme inspired by the 10 Holy Habits from Acts 2 in verses 42-47 which we will be using to challenge the culture of our Circuit and give everyone an opportunity to grow in their relationship with God.

The below video gives an introduction to the programme.

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Interest from outside our circuit...

We are aware that Holy Habits is attracting a lot of attention from across Methodism and indeed further afield. It is intended that Holy Habits, developed by our Birmingham Methodist Circuit, will be the basis for a more widely available programme.

You can find out more information about this here.


So what is it all about?

Where do the Holy Habits come from?

At the end of Acts Chapter 2 – vs 42 – 47, we see a passage entitled “The Fellowship of Believers” which talks about the early church and the way it went about living out its ministry. This has been summarised by some as the 10 Holy Habits. These are…

  • Eating Together
  • Prayer
  • Making More Disciples
  • Gladness and Generosity
  • Breaking of Bread
  • Service
  • Fellowship
  • Worship
  • Biblical Teaching
  • Sharing Resources

Why are we looking at them?

In 2014 following a review of the current life of our Circuit and all of the churches which make it up, we wanted to put together something which would create an opportunity for everyone within our Circuit to grow in their relationship with God. We created a new tagline for the Circuit, ‘Going for Growth’.

The churches that make up our Circuit had said that their strength was Hospitality and that their biggest desire was to grow in Discipleship, so starting with that as a basis we looked at putting together something to engage all of us within the Circuit’s Churches. Thus was born, the 10 Holy Habits programme.

What will we provide?

The Holy Habits programme is designed to take two years, approximately one Habit per 8-10 weeks, and the hope is that each church will engage with every habit. We will be providing each church with a booklet for each habit, so at the end of the programme the churches will have 10 booklets, one on each habit (and a folder to put them all in). Each booklet will come out shortly before the Habit starts. The booklets will be put together by people from around our Circuit, and so will be personal to us and represent us as a Circuit. (If you would like to help author one or more of these packs or help, get in touch with Rev Vicki Atkinson – details in the Circuit Directory).

In the booklet will be the following:

  • Intro Letter
  • Sunday Worship ideas
  • Circuit and connexional events to attend
  • Local Community Ideas
  • Bible Study ideas for adults and young people
  • Film and Book suggestions
  • Children’s and Youth group ideas

As well as a range of other ideas and thoughts.

Time-table of the Habits

Below is a time-table outlining the start times of each of the Habits. More information will be coming out to churches after the March Assembly.

Holy Habit


Suggested Time Period


Eating together


17th May 15 - 1st July 15




12th July 15 - 30th Sept 15


Making more disciples

Harvest/Halloween/all souls/all saints

1st Oct 15- 30th Nov 15


Gladness & Generosity


1st Dec 15 - 14th Feb 16


Breaking Bread


15th Feb 16 - 30th April 16




1st May 16 - 30th June 16



Autumn and Advent

1st October 16 - 31st Dec 16


Biblical Teaching Covenant 1st January 17 - 28th Feb 17


Sharing Resources


1st March 17 - 30th April 17




1st May 17 - 30th June 17


Finding out more

I'm part of the circuit, how can I find out more?

If you're a part of our circuit then your churches will already have packs available, simply ask a minister or church steward for more information. They will be able to tell you more about the programme and have digital access to the materials.

I'm not part of the circuit, how can I get hold of this material?

Our resources have now been produced by the Bible Reading Fellowship as a purchasable resource. Click here to find out more and purchase the programme.

The Holy Habits Programme