York Courses - Now Available for 2018!

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York Courses is based in historic York and produces courses specially designed for groups of Christians from different traditions to use together. They are an easy-to-use ecumenical courses, bringing famous voices and challenging opinions into your discussion group.

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New Courses

For full information you can visit the new York Courses website which is now live at www.yorkcourses.co.uk. Their two latest courses are available in digital format as downloads (as well as in printed format).

Brief Course Synopsis

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? has 4 sessions, making it ideal for the 4 weeks of Advent. It’s written by Lucy Winkett, who also features on the course audio in relaxed conversation with Simon Stanley. Last Friday’s Church Times review of Advent material said: “Simon Stanley brilliantly explores the whole business of time, waiting and rushing with Lucy Winkett. The course booklet is a must-read before engaging with the CD, which forms the icing on the course’s very substantial cake.” 

ON THE THIRD DAY is a 5-session course, which most groups will follow at Lent (although - as always with our courses - it’s not tied to a specific season). The course booklet is written by Bishop John Pridmore, and the contributors on the course audio are Revd Professor Tom Wright; Professor Paul Vallely; Revd Ruth Gee and Bishop Libby Lane.

Downloadable Flyers and Information

You can download more information by clicking on the links below.

Download a PDF Flyer here.

Full Information about the two courses here.

York Courses - Now Available for 2018!