World Church Circuit Service

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"We need to make room for difference", implored Revd Dr Leão-Neto. His message has never been more timely.

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Songs of praise, hope, peace and encouragement filled Longbridge Methodist Church on Sunday the 12th of June.

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This was the World Church Circuit Service so consequently the various songs originated on different continents and showcased our many cultures and languages.

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The theme of ‘Unity’ was most evident in a song-and-dance version of the Lord's Prayer led by Youth and Children's worker, Arul Israel, who taught the congregation some Indian dance moves and gestures.

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Choirs from both the Birmingham Chinese Church and the Methodist Church Zimbabwe Fellowship UK brought wonderfully diverse energies into the room: serenity, passion, joy and liberation.

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And there was more dancing.

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One of the highlights of this celebration was guest preacher Revd Dr Reynaldo F. Leão-Neto (Ecumenical, Interfaith and Cultures and Languages Fellowships Officer for the Methodist Church) leading us in a song proclaiming blessings of peace.

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In his message he emphasised that if we are to be a truly World Church we need to make room for difference. He finished his message by picking up a guitar and singing a Portuguese song, coaxing us to join in on the chorus.

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On arrival each person was handed a post-it note on which to write the name of the place or nation they felt a special affection for and late in the service we each approached a large world map and placed our post-its right where we had each decided was special to us. 

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The map was covered. We have a sense of affinity with places across the globe: from Ireland to Barbados, from Zimbabwe to China, from the UK to...

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Afterwards the food and drinks created an atmosphere for further conversation and connection between different communities and cultures.

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photos and short report: Joel Wilson

World Church Circuit Service