Superintendents Letter - 4th November 2020

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A note from the Superintendents as we enter this new lockdown period, with some helpful documentation and reminders attached.

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Dear sisters and brothers of the Birmingham Methodist Circuit,

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well as new lockdown restrictions come into place tomorrow. This will mean that all acts of Worship that have been planned in our buildings for the rest of November will not now take place.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who worked so hard to plan and offer Worship during that time, and also thank all who are continuing to enable Worship and Prayer through online services and posted orders of service. You can see HERE a list here of Worship options that are available online.

If you scoll down below this letter you will also find some other helpful information that might be useful.

Though we cannot physically meet together for Worship in our Church buildings, we hope and pray that we might sense the Holy Spirit of God uniting us in Christ as we share together in prayer with all our sisters and brothers on earth and in heaven.

Every blessing,

Alison, Neil and Nick

Helpful Information

COVID UPDATE: If you are a circuit office holder or member of staff, please do click here to find the latest COVID Update from the COVID Team, including helpful advice and contacts during this new lockdown period.

PROPERTY REMINDER: Please could all those who oversee church properties be reminded that during this lock down period, regular weekly checks will need to be done as before, more information will follow in due course from our Circuit Property Officer, Richard Burr.

Get in Touch

You can contact a member of the circuit team, including the Superintendents, by visiting our contact us page here.

Superintendents Letter - 4th November 2020