Superintendents Letter - 1st July 2020

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Below is this week's letter from our Superintendents, all about the importance of focussing on the injustices of our society and world, and sharing an invitation to a gathering to discuss it.

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Dear Sisters & Brothers of the Birmingham Methodist Circuit

“To see the church through a different lens is to acknowledge
the reality we find ourselves living in.”

Rev. Richard Teal
President of the Methodist Conference 

In recent months a very bright light shone onto the injustices of our society and world.  The question of how we are to confront and overcome these injustices must be answered as we consider what is means to be the Body of Christ in troubling and uncertain times.

Last week in our circuit weekly email we shared a weblink to an Open Letter that has been sent to the Methodist Church stating that we need to continue prioritising social justice to fulfil our calling.  At one point the letter states:

The challenge to re-invent ourselves as the body of Christ has become immediate and critical. And this transformation must be Christ-centred, strategic, passionate, truthful and fearless.

This Open Letter comes at a time when Methodist Conference is going to decide about adopting a new discipleship programme which will impact on future funding for community projects across the country. At the end of the letter we are invited to join a conversation about our priorities as a Christian movement. In response to that challenge, the Birmingham Methodist District is organising a Zoom gathering on the evening of the 23rd July so that we can be part of that conversation.

Our District is regarding the Open Letter as a ‘springboard’ for a discussion around what we have witnessed during the past few months, and our hopes for the immediate future.  From that discussion we want to form a social justice focussed action plan and delivery programme for the District and its circuits, including our own.

As the Birmingham Methodist District we have taken the lead on a number of issues, including Tax Justice and addressing modern slavery which received Connexional funding, so we are determined that social justice remains a central commitment to our church’s mission and ministry.  

If you would like to receive an invitation to the Birmingham District Social Justice Zoom Gathering on Thursday, 23rd July (between 7:00pm- 8:30pm) please contact: 


Grace & peace be with you all

Alison, Nick & Neil

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Superintendents Letter - 1st July 2020