Saltley Methodist Church - Summer Holiday 2019

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Each summer Saltley Methodist Church go away together for a holiday. This year they travelled to the Lake District, read more about it below.

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Note from the Minister

Dear friends,

The Bible tells us that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven....even  a time to work and a time to rest and relax (Ecclesiastics 3).

From 12th August until 16th 2019  the members at Saltley Methodist Church, their relatives and friends had a wonderful Summer Holiday in the Lake District, Grange-over-Sands at Thornleigh Christian Hotel.

It was a holiday like no other and everybody enjoyed it. We were 18 people in number and had a good time to relax, to rest, to reflect on life, to visit new places, to fellowship, to get out of Birmingham, to buy new things, to eat a different diet, to watch Christian films, and to pray together as a group of believers.

On Wednesday 14th August, we sailed on Windermere Lake Cruise which is located in the heart of the Lake District a few miles away from our hotel. Though the weather wasn’t great, we enjoyed crossing the Lake to visit a small town - Bowness.  We spent an hour and 20 minutes sailing on water, in a big cruise of three levels.

On Thursday evening, we shared the Lord’s Supper in a quiet and reflective way; remembering the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ on the cross for our salvation.

Those who attended this Church Holiday loved it, and we are planning to return in August 2020 and in the years to come.

We thank God for his provision, protection and love. We thank you all for your support and prayers. 

Please have a look at the photographs which will tell you the whole story.

God bless,

Reverend Samuel Uwimana (Minister of Saltley Methodist Church)

About Saltley Methodist Church

Saltley Methodist Church is located in Saltley, Birmingham, and is a welcoming church with a diverse congregation with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The church is located in the community of Saltley on Alum Rock Road in the inner city of Birmingham.


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Saltley Methodist Church - Summer Holiday 2019