Refugee Study Ban

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Birmingham City of Sanctuary are calling for people to write to their MP's in light of asylum seekers being hit by a study ban. More from their Secretary below.

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A Note From City of Sanctuary

Dear Supporters of City of Sanctuary,

Recent reports in the press have revealed that asylum seekers are being hit by a study ban.  Please write to your MP and ask them to contact the Immigration Minister Caroline Noke, to challenge this, pointing out that many young people have had to interrupt their studies and that studying gives a real sense of purpose to many asylum seekers. We need to ask the question:  According to what immigration law/regulation are asylum seekers now being deprived of the right to study ?

The Asylum Support and Advice Network (ASAN)  suggests mentioning the following articles of the Human Rights Act (1998):

Article 2 of the First Protocol of the Human Rights Act:

'No one can be denied the right to education'

Article 8 of the Human Rights Act   

"The right to privacy protects you against unnecessary and heavy-handed state surveillance and intrusion into your personal life."

Below is also a link to a Guardian article providing background information.

Please don't forget to let us know if you receive a reply!

Many thanks


Barbara Forbes

Secretary, Birmingham City of Sanctuary 

Refugee Study Ban