Prayer - 27th January 2021

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Below is a prayer for Birmingham following the death of a young person on our streets last week

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Prayer of Solace

God of hope, peace and love, we bring to you our prayers for all those families that mourn the death of their children and especially for those that have had their young lives taken from them through violent crime. Surround them with your comfort and love. 

We pray for communities that live in fear of violence through drug-related crime and gang culture; for children who are afraid to leave their homes, to play in their local parks and to walk the streets of our communities. 

We hold in our prayers children and young people that have been drawn into a life of drug use, gangs and violent crime where the use of knives and guns have the capacity to end life. 

We pray for families who have been devastated by the senseless loss of life and for young people who find themselves paying the price for their actions in our prisons and young offenders’ institutions. We pray for support and help to reform and rebuild lives.

We offer our prayers for all who work and seek to bring justice, equity and peace for the common good of all people. In our broken world, help us to come together in unity to bring peace to our communities; to build bridges of hope and trust so that all people might have opportunities to find meaning and purpose to their lives. 

In the name of your Son, Jesus who offers hope, peace and love, we pray.



Alison, Neil and Nick

The Circuit Superintendency Team

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Prayer - 27th January 2021