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Birmingham Circuit supported 33 young people aged 12-18 with 11 leaders to attend the 3Generate weekend at Pontin's Southport from 23rd - 25th November 2018. More on what happened below.

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About 3Generate

3Generate is planned and shaped by children and young people for children and young people - alongside a team of adult facilitators from the Connexion (the Methodist Church in the whole of Britain), who specialise in working with children and young people.

It is a speak out event for children and young people and is the Children and Youth Assembly of The Methodist Church (Standing Order 250).

Woven into each year's event was:

  • a chance for children and young people to have a say and vote for their representatives at the Youth President and Youth Rep elections
  • a chance to meet up with friends and make new ones - from other Methodist Churches all over the country
  • a weekend of conversation, debate, indoor and outdoor activities, games, music, sport, crafts and challenges
  • time and space to worship together in a range of creative and imaginative ways
  • an opportunity for children and young people to talk about the issues that affect and really matter to them, the world and the Church - to listen to each other and to God.
  • a chance for children and young people to have a say and vote for their representatives at the Youth President and Youth Rep elections

A Few Comments from our Young People about this years event.

Agnes: This year was my first time going to 3Generate and I had a wonderful experience. As well as creating stronger friendships with people from Northfield, I also got to make many new friends and have a weekend that was worth going to.

Vicky: This year was my first time attending this trip.  I was nervous at first however I made plenty of friends who I spent my time with and did activities with.

Ashleigh: Having the opportunity to meet new people and have the best experience I have had in a long time.

Eva: I was always friends with the kids my age and the older ones, however this 3 gen trip has made me really good friends and has given me a stronger relationship with everyone in my church as well as making new friends within the church community. 

You le: I enjoyed the climbing wall because it was a new experience and different from anything I ever did. It was also a challenge but that was the part I enjoyed the most.

Tadisa: 3Gen was a great experience for me I loved going out and doing activities with the group.

Jesse: I really enjoyed the 5-a-side football, the gaming room and the atmosphere at the disco on Saturday night. I also enjoyed the event overall and being able to meet other fellow Christians from all different parts of the country.

Zachary: This was my first time attending a 3Generate event. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Pontins camp and was able to make some new friends. I enjoyed sitting down in “the den” with my new friends and talking.

Dan: This was the first time I have been to 3 generate and I thought it was very enjoyable my favourite bit was the arts and craft because we got to create many different things including bracelets which you can put your name and your friends name on and various decorations.

Nic: We made bracelets with green white red and gold beads. Green was for the beautiful world God made, white was for forgiveness, red was for love and gold was for positive things that you can do I was to remind us not to be selfish.

Amy: [I went to] the my parents in the army talk, it was very interesting and emotional. After the talk we spoke to the children where we found out more information and made friends with them. I learnt a lot and it really gave me ideas how I can or the church can help service families.

Naomi: The talk about our fellow Methodist’s in Mexico is one of the many talks that moved me greatly. They were teaching us how they as Christians thrive in the faith and about the persecution of Christians in the south of Mexico. We joined hands and prayed for those back in their home country and across the world who are not as fortunate as we are in Britain. It was a humbling way by listening and singing with those who share our faith.

Vicky: One of the activities I did was Urban Prairies , in this activity we watched different videos that showed situations in which different issues in the society are highlighted such as discrimination and people’s way of treating others. It was a very enlightening experience that made me speak to other groups.

Yu heng: I enjoyed the Life Exhibition the most. It was very interesting and informative. I learnt a lot about Jesus and how old he was when he died. The answer is 33 by the way. The most interesting fact in my opinion was how different prophets prophesied about Jesus 710 years before he was born. I thought the most fun part of the Life Exhibition was when we got the iPads and done activities about the information we had just learnt about God.

Nic: I enjoyed the Agents of Change tent where there were loads of little activities that were focused on making a difference in our world. Agents of Change wanted to launch a social action campaign which we had the chance to vote on. There was an informative section where we learnt about different sufferings across the world and a prayer section where we were able to pray for these things through doing activities. We also had a chance to talk to one of the volunteers and he told us about an opportunity to go over to India and try a make a difference.

Lydia: I enjoyed the silent disco beach use everyone had fun whether they knew each other or not. This was a very great experience.

Eva: I really enjoyed the gospel worship at the end of today(Sunday) it was probably the most fun I’ve had this weekend it was AMAZING .

Zachary: I enjoyed Urban Praise. The music was good and there was an overall good vibe in the room.

Thank You's from the Young People

The Birmingham Methodist Circuit Young People would like to say thank you to...

  • The Methodist Connexion for the concept, organisation and vision. A huge task and a mammoth logistical nightmare.
  • The Birmingham Circuit for supporting our young people.
  • The 3G youth reps who inspired us to attend.
  • Ermine and Hazel for leading and organising us all.
  • The leaders who went on the weekend.
  • The local Churches for their financial support.
  • The army of volunteers who helped the event to run smoothly.

Next Year's Event

If you're interested in attending next year's event then send Ermine Mitchell an email by clicking here.


Last but by no means least, here are some photographs of this years event.

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