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There are some exciting new resources from Methodist Publishing which you might be interested in. Please scroll down and click on the titles for more information on each publication.

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What We Believe

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Intended for use with young people and adults, this Catechism sets out to provide as clear a statement as possible of the Christian faith through a question and answer format.

Share this Feast

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Using contemporary Christian art and quotations from a variety of worship sources, Share this Feast offers a compelling devotional starting point for individual or group discussion.

Talking of God Together

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Is it your desire and design to be on this and all other occasions entirely open, so as to speak everything that is in your heart, without exception, without disguise, and without reserve?” (John Wesley)

A new resource which encourages and equips Christians to speak comfortably about their experience of God and the Christian life. Talking of God Together helps people to take part in conversations with others, both inside and outside their church, about what really matters to them.

The Work of God in this Place

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Short prayers and reflections to encourage God-centred gatherings before, during and after church meetings. Perfect for all who attend meetings.

John Wesley often asked: “What is the state of the work of God in this place?” This resource aims to provide some ways of exploring that question.

The Methodist Church is marked by the faithful service of thousands of women and men who give their time, energy and wisdom in serving the Church through committees and meetings which facilitate the Church at local and connexional level.

The Work of God in this Place emerged from a conversation with members of the Learning Network and the Chairs of District in the North West and Mann region around how we could support those who chair meetings to integrate conversation with and about God into the way a committee discusses, acts and decides.

It may be that a group’s agenda is already very full, and that adding extra time for prayer and reflection seems impossible. Groups are already working very hard. The hope is that this resource will support people rather than be an additional burden.

It also seems to be true that the more time given to listening to God, the more quickly a meeting goes.

New Resources from Methodist Publishing