More Important Volunteer Thank You's

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Both Lozells and Villa Road Methodist Churches have been celebrating their volunteers this summer. More below.

Lozells 2


Importance of Celebrating Volunteers

Birmingham Methodist Circuit has 3,000 members across 37 churches, most who work each week as volunteers within their churches. They take part in acts of worship, welcome people, lead groups, serve food and drink, wash up, and so much more. It is important that we remember the contributions which we all make together, it all makes church life possible.

This summer we have been encouraging all of our churches to celebrate volunteers and two church congregations who have done that recently are Lozells and Villa Road Methodist Churches, facilitated by Reverend Helen Jobling who retired this summer.

At Lozells Methodist Church (see above photo and below photo) there was a thanksgiving service, including certificates for all the volunteers. This was, in reality, everyone in the congregation, so everybody got a certificate.

Lozells 1


Villa Road Methodist Church has also been busy with its celebrations, and gathered together for a meal to celebrate all that they've achieved together as a team. A photo of this occasion is below.

Villa Road 1


It's great to see many thankful churches across our circuit, if yours is one of them we haven't yet featured, then please do send in photos of your thank you events.

More Important Volunteer Thank You's