Holy Habits Resources Now On Sale

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Whilst in our circuit we might not need to buy the new published Holy Habits resources, we can certainly be very excited about their availability to the wider world and pleased to see our efforts bearing such fruit.

Holy Habits Launch


Part of a Bigger Story

To tell the story properly we must go back to the beginning. In 2014 the big question for our circuit was how we began to challenge the culture of our thirty seven churches and people to get back to the basics of faith. Aiding us in this was Reverend Andrew Roberts, part of the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network, who mentioned that he was writing a book on ten 'Holy Habits' which he'd pulled from the book of Acts in the Bible. The idea was that a model of healthy church was presented in Acts 2 which we could learn from and apply to our own contexts. Excited by this idea we embarked on the journey of writing and designing a complimentary programme to run across our circuit, with a view to challenging ourselves.

We had no idea what we were embarking upon, a big challenge which included thousands of hours of manpower over more than two years, but which produced a wonderful resource and saw churches challenging themselves in the way they lived out their ministry. Involved in the process were:

  • 8 Holy Habits Leaders
  • 10 Habit Leaders
  • 82 Authors
  • 9 Photographers
  • 9 proof Readers
  • 1 Editor
  • 2 Designers

This fantastic group of people put together a resource which not only received retrospective Connexional Funding because of it's innovation, but which was also picked up by the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) for publication after being trialled in three other locations around the country. A wonderful achievement, especially as it had certainly not been the aim.

The next Chapter

Headed by Reverend Andrew Roberts, along with our own Reverend Deborah Humphries and Reverend Caz Hague, a small team has been working for two years now on turning our Birmingham resource into something ready for publication. Now at last, on Saturday 27th January 2018, it was launched at our own Selly Oak Methodist Church.

The resources look fantastic. BRF have done a great job of developing our work and taking it forward and we must be ever so grateful for their effort. We must also thank those involved from our side, in particular Caz and Deborah who put in effort on our circuit's behalf, but also to Andrew and his team who took this on and took it forward. Andrew has been the champion of Holy Habits throughout our process and has worked tirelessly to develop and promote all things Holy Habit, including our own resources.

The launch itself was a really special time to reflect on the journey that we as a circuit, along with so many others now, have been on. A Holy Habit journey which is only just beginning for those who have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the resources, of which we know at least a few. The event comprised of a walk through the resources as well as presentations and discussion. Deborah Humphries and Tom Milton spoke about how they'd seen the impact of the programme in our own circuit.

As Holy Habits heads off into the public world we hope and pray that it is a life giving resource to many individuals, churches and groups of churches across the country and even further afield. We're grateful for every single person who has been on this journey with us.

Want to know more?

Read all about the Holy Habits programme in Birmingham here, and read about the published programme by clicking here.


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Holy Habits Resources Now On Sale