Cyclone Idai Appeal

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All We Can and The Methodist Church in Britain have launched an urgent appeal to support the people of Malawi following devastating flooding in March 2019

Malawi Flood Idai


About Cyclone Idai

As written by All We Can, the Methodist Relief and Development Organisation

On 5-8 March 2019, heavy rains throughout Southern Malawi caused severe flooding. A state of emergency was declared by the President of Malawi on 8 March due to the widespread devastation, loss of life and displacement of tens-of-thousands of people. The impact of Cyclone Idai then exacerbated the disaster. With more rain and storms expected, it is feared that the flooding in Malawi will worsen affecting even more families.

Already, over 125,000 people have been displaced from their homes and families are facing hunger as harvests have been destroyed. There is a need for rapid action as people suffer because of the lack of shelter, sanitation facilities, food and medicine. The number of people affected by the floods has reached 922,000 this number is expected to rise as the true extent of the damage is revealed and as heavy rains continue to fall in Malawi.

Financial Support

We encourage churches to engage with this important appeal. If you would like to offer financial support then there are two recommended charities to do so through.

  1. All We Can - Our own Methodist relief and development organisation has an appeal open which you can find here which focuses on Malawi.
  2. Disaster Emergency Committee - The DEC is recommended by Christian Aid as another good organisation to which support can be given. Their appeal can be found here.


Cyclone Idai Appeal