Coronavirus Guidance Update July 2021

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There's an update in our Coronavirus Guidance.

Here are the changes to the government's guidance:

  • One of the aims of the latest government communiqué is to enable the public to make informed decisions.  We are keen ministers and leadership teams do likewise.  We offer these guidelines to help you, and your leadership teams, make decisions linked to your local context.
  • The Property Team will be reviewing more detailed Connexional guidance following the Prime Minister’s update on the 12 July, and posting this from 19 July, when the Government will lift most restrictions.
  • Although there are no specific updates to the government guidance document concerning places of worship yet, the Health Secretary announced to the House of Commons that from the 19 July there will be ‘…no restrictions on communal worship and singing'. This includes singing at weddings, funerals and baptisms.

What will the lifting of restrictions mean for churches and communal worship?

Check out the rest of the guidance update here

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Coronavirus Guidance Update July 2021