Circuit Strategy Update - 30th May 2018

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For the last few years we have been on a journey to seek and find new ways in which we might improve and develop our model of circuit and to better understand our purpose as Methodists in Birmingham. This is the latest update.

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30th May 2018 Update


At our March Circuit Assembly a paper was presented on how we can be ready for the future as a circuit. You can read more about it in our full post-assembly update here. Since that meeting a small group has been hard at work, using the feedback we received to refine the groupings for Ministry Teams that had been suggested and making potential changes, whilst at the same time the Circuit Executive has been busy beginning the process of seeking to appoint a new Superintendent Minister from within our own Ministerial team.

So, where are we in the process and what do we now know?

The great news is that the time-line is becoming much more clear for the coming months. On further inspection it was realised that the small group assigned to reviewing the groupings by the circuit executive could not complete their work until the new Superintendent had been appointed, this is because the part of the circuit within which the new Superintendent Minister will be located will need extra resource to mitigate for that persons time commitment to the circuit. The final groupings are therefore on hold, but hopefully not for long. In terms of appointing a new Superintendent the process is already half way through. A profile has been written and sent out to our Ministers with a deadline for applications of the 8th June. There will be interviews on Monday 11th June and the outcome of these will go to the Circuit Executive on the same evening.


Hopefully not too long after these meetings we will be able to announce not only the name of our new Superintendent Minister from 2019 but also begin to talk about a new suggested grouping of churches for our Ministry Teams. Please bear with us as we seek to attend to this process with care and attention - we will bring you news as soon as we are able.

Prayers Appreciated

You prayers for this process and all involved are deeply appreciated, in particular those Ministers considering offering to be a Superintendent Minister and those involved in the decision making for both this and the Ministry Teams. We will be praying for wisdom and for protection.


If you have any questions about the process please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our three Superintendent Ministers who will be happy to talk things through with you. You will find their contact details on our 'Contact Us' page.

Circuit Strategy Update - 30th May 2018