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On the 19th of September the Trustees of our Circuit, made up from representatives from all our churches, met together for their bi-annual September meeting.

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About the Circuit Assembly

The Circuit Assembly meets twice a year to manage the business of the Birmingham Methodist Circuit. This includes many different elements all of which are about supporting the churches, schools, chaplaincies and projects that we have within our circuit with their work. Over the course of a year this meeting discusses such matters as; the stationing of ministers, appointments of circuit officers, mission and ministry of the circuit, management of circuit resources and signing off on circuit policies.

The Circuit Assembly is also the place where key strategic matters such as the way churches work together are discussed and agreed.

September Circuit Assembly 2018


Below is a summary of a couple of key things which were decided or shared at this autumns Circuit Assembly. For more details please talk to your church's Circuit Assembly Representative.

Circuit Ministry Teams

Firstly, news and updates on the formation of our circuit into five Ministry Teams as proposed in March of this year (Read more about it here). The Circuit Assembly agreed that the initial meetings and gatherings to start the formation of these teams will happen in early 2019 in preparation for them being fully operational from September 2019. The first of these gatherings would be a chance for all the churches, schools, chaplaincies and projects from within each team to get together and share what their vision is for the future.

In the coming months churches have been asked to prepare for this meeting by completing three different tasks.

  1. Seeing how the circuit's five new Circuit Priorities fit with their own calling and vision.
  2. Reviewing what their churches invest their time and energy in - e.g. are there new things that they'd like to do? Are their things that have come to the end of their season?
  3. Preparing a presentation about their church for their first Ministry Team Gathering.

it is hoped that churches will enter this new phase of circuit life looking to the future and for opportunities to work within and with their teams.

There will also be opportunity for all those who contribute to circuit life to prepare themselves through listening events or gatherings planned for Local Preachers and Supernumeraries, as well as work done with Ministers and Lay Staff through staff meetings.

Circuit Training

Training details for the coming year have been released. Download them in a booklet here. You can find up to date information throughout the year on our training page here.

Further Details

For more information about the Circuit Assembly please talk to your church representatives who sit on the trustee body of the circuit or to your Minister.


Circuit Assembly News