Church Without Walls at Saltley Methodist Church

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More news from Saltley Methodist Church as it continues to work with other local churches to share their faith in their community.

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Reverend Samuel Uwimana writes:

On Saturday 27th October 2018 at 11am, was another day for Saltley Methodist Church and Baptist church, to go out in the community ; to pray for people and hand out the leaflets with God's words on them.

Many other churches in the area were invited by Saltley Methodist,  but as it was very cold , few people turned up for " Church without walls" evangelism in our area. It was very exciting to see how those we met were happy to talk to us, to get to know us, and to ask  for prayers. Among those we met, were traffic warden who genuinely asked for prayers and leaflets from us.

"Church Without Walls" continues to flourish in our community , as work together with other denominations for God's kingdom and glory.

Revd Samuel Uwimana

Minister at Saltley Methodist Church

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Church Without Walls at Saltley Methodist Church