Christmas Services 2020

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As we approach Christmas of 2020 we are faced with an entirely new way to engage with church family services. Read more below.

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Christmas Services 2020


Thank you for visiting our page about Christmas 2020 which we write as we come to the end of a challenging and difficult year. Christmas in the Methodist Church is very much still happening and we'd like to welcome you to join us, whether you normally would or not, and however you've weathered the storms of 2020.

There will be ways of engaging with Christmas in person in church buildings and online this year and before we discuss how to do that we want to assure you that churches have very comprehensive COVID-19 Risk Assessments in place which are in line with Methodist and Government guidelines.

Online Services

Joining in with a church online will probably be the simplest way to engage with services this year. There will be a variety of services online across our circuit which you are very welcome to join in with, of which we'll try and ensure that we have a good selection on our Events Pages, and although it won't be the same as meeting in person, it will be the best way to engage in a more normal format of festive service.

Services in a Church Building

Some, but not all, of our churches will be holding in person services. Rather than listing them here, if you are interested in attending a church service, please get in touch with your nearest church using our Church Search to find out what they are going to be offering. Each church running a service will be limited as to how many people they will be able to allow to attend worship and some may even have (free) ticketing for their services to ensure they stay within safe numbers. We would not like for someone to turn up and get turned away for number reasons, so please do make contact first.

Please do note that services may be very different from a normal Christmas service, with singing not allowed and people not able to chat and socialize with one another either inside or outside of the buildings as per government guidelines.

Also do bear in mind that attending a church in a neighbouring council, where their COVID tier is different, may not be possible. This will be the case even if they are across the road from your home. Consider a church within your local area if necessary.


Whether or not you attend a church service, if you would like to connect with your nearest church family this Christmas then you'd be very welcome. Each church has support networks, usually operating over the phone or virtually, which are always welcome to have new people involved. Do contact someone from your local church if you want to know more using our church search. If you are not sure who to contact, you can try our office team on 07922 421 419 who should be able to help you speak to someone local to you.

Christmas Services 2020