Celebrating Volunteers at Lyndon Methodist Church

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Taking on-board the three options from the Circuit Strategy Review, we at Lyndon have over a period of time introduced our members to the three options the first of which we can have an immediate effect.

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Celebrating Volunteers

In general, Lyndon has and still does those things highlighted in the proposal one (Celebrating Volunteers, Thinking Strategically and Hearing the Voices of Children and Young People) as well as many of the the things highlighted in the Holy Habits Programme, however, it hasn’t recognised volunteers specifically other than those who participate as stewards and pastoral leaders.

Having spent time analysing who does what out of our membership of circa 130, we were surprised to find that at least 46 members and non-members do actively volunteer, in such duties as door stewards greeting people, tea and coffee, helping messy church, organising Women’s Fellowship, flower arranging, helping service the members of the Friday Lunch Club, maintenance around church, counting weekly collection just to name a few activities. They are certainly an important part of the life of the church and so option one was easily a task we could achieve immediately and for celebrating on an annual basis.

It was appropriate to write a letter to all of our volunteers inviting them to a special service held on Sunday 29th April which was also our Annual Church Meeting. The celebration service was led by David Alford, our Minister, so that he could thank our volunteers personally before departing for his Sabbatical. A good number of volunteers came along and were thanked via an address honouring their work and dedication and the theme of the church service was centred around volunteering. Those volunteering enjoy the recognition and applause from the family that is the church and it was agreed that a more formalised dedication service in future will be held around the time of dedicating church stewards and pastoral leaders.

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Celebrating Volunteers at Lyndon Methodist Church