A Global Wave of Prayer takes over Pause For Thought at Dorridge Methodist Church

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The Archbishop of Canterbury launched a Global Wave of Prayer for the second year running, building on the amazing response encountered in 2016 when thousands prayed for others to know Jesus Christ.

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The Global Wave Hits Dorridge

Having read about Thy Kingdom Come 2017 in the Spring 2017 Connexion magazine, our small group at Dorridge Methodist Church was eager to support the Archbishop’s vision: to use the days between Ascension Day and Pentecost to pray for new disciples, praying daily for five people known to us. Greatly inspired, we decided to commend the initiative to our church family.  It was heartening to receive a positive response from our members.

Following conversations, our small group decided to set aside one morning, for one hour to underline the significance of the Global Wave of Prayer. We chose Wednesday May 31st. We have arranged some Quiet Mornings, but this occasion was defined by the Archbishop’s vision not ours. We hoped to be faithful to that vision while at the same time, offering space to meet the needs of our own congregation.

It was not possible to meet in the worship area of the church as we had planned. But this led us to consider what other rooms might be appropriate. We all agreed that the room chosen was indeed the right choice. Its many windows make it light and airy and the new, comfortable chairs make it welcoming. It proved ideal for this brief time of quiet and reflection.

Chairs were set out in an arc around three prayer stations, with spaces to allow movement. At Station (1), we provided tea lights to be lit as prayers were offered; at (2) books of prayers and prayers from the Global Wave of Prayer website were available; at (3) the names of those in our prayers were written on slips of paper, which we stuck together to form a paper chain, signifying the bonds between us.

The Holy Habits handbooks were on a separate table; these proved to be of great interest.

The date we chose fell in school holidays, so some were excluded from attendance because they had taken the opportunity to go away; some were unable to attend due to employment; but others found the date particularly convenient. Those unable to join us were asked to offer prayer wherever they happened to be. We were keen to link everyone together spiritually during this one hour.

Some twenty people attended for varying lengths of time. 

When we, as facilitators, reflected on the morning, we felt our contribution had been worthwhile. A sacred space had been made available for prayer specifically for people known to us, that they might come to know Jesus Christ and become His disciples. We were glad that those who came, not knowing what to expect, appeared to be at ease. We continue to hold those people who were on our hearts, in prayer. We pray Thy Kingdom Come.

The photos show some members of DMC who share the Archbishop’s vision that “a wind of change is blowing and prayer is at the heart of this spiritual transition.

Lis Helliar and the Pause for Thought group at DMC.


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A Global Wave of Prayer takes over Pause For Thought at Dorridge Methodist Church