Who we are

Welcome to the page all about Birmingham Methodist Circuit and who we are. We are part of The Methodist Church and you can find out more about our heritage and the Methodist story here. You can also find out about what we believe and what we do on these separate pages.

An Introduction

The Methodist Church is split up for organisation and mission purposes into groups of churches, these are called circuits, they vary in size from a couple of churches all the way up to big circuits containing many churches. Ours is one of the bigger circuits, formed in 2011 from several small circuits and the Birmingham Central Mission, and contains 36 churches which are located in Birmingham, Solihull, and the neighbouring edge of Warwickshire. You can find a map of our churches locations and way of finding your nearest church here.

You can also get a good idea of what our circuit is like by watching the below video and you can scroll down for more information.


 About our circuit

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Birmingham Methodist Circuit is a collection of thirty six Methodist churches, with around three thousand members, based in the city of Birmingham in the UK. We are part of the international Methodist Church, you can find out more about the Methodist Church by following this link

Our vision statement: "Birmingham Methodist Circuit Aims to be a welcoming Christian family, authentic to the tradition of John Wesley, with inspiring worship, radical compassion and social justice at its heart for the transformation of life."

This statement will be at the forefront of all we do as a circuit and will outwork itself in the five priorities below.

The Birmingham Methodist Circuit should be a place…

  • Which upholds the values of Methodism including being sustainable, ethical and Connexional, both as a group of churches and with all its partners (An Authentic Methodist family).
  • Where there is worship across the circuit which is inviting to all and inspires us in our faith and the action it calls us towards (Inspiring Worship).
  • Where all members, churches and circuit understand and practice a compassion which is welcoming, inclusive, safe and empowering (Radical Compassion).
  • Where all our members, churches and circuit understand and are involved in prophetic action (Focused on Social Justice).
  • Where we are in the business of being transformational through our discipleship in our own lives, the lives of those around us, and so in our communities and city (Transforming Life).

If you are looking for a church in our area then please do get in touch, we’d love you to become part of our family and we have many churches around the city which might suit you.

 About our churches

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Our churches cover the whole of Birmingham, from Pheasey in the North to Longbridge in the South, and from Woodgate Valley in the West to Solihull and beyond in the East. We have a city centre office base at ‘The Church at Carrs Lane’. If you want to find out more about any of our churches or find out which is the nearest to you then you can use our church finder here.

We worship, pray, learn and serve together in a huge variety of different ways. We believe that variety is an important part of the life of the church and embrace many different cultures and backgrounds, including Birmingham Chinese Methodist Church based in Northfield and a Zimbabwean Fellowship based at Selly Oak. We believe everyone is important and brings a contribution to our church life. Whether you prefer a more traditional style of service or something more modern there is something that would suit you.

Our churches run a huge of activities on top of their usual Sunday services including messy church, stay and play, youth groups, places of welcome for refugees and asylum seekers, fun days, bible study groups and much much more. Chaplaincy is also a key part of what we do, including hospitals, nursing homes and universities.

Our passion for our city

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We are passionate about our city and seek to be more and more involved in its life, not just through our activities and what we do, but also in how we can support our city council or how we can engage with the issues that our city faces.

Want to find out more?

The best way to find out more about Methodism is to come along to a service at one of our churches and talk to people. We are sure you'll be welcomed really well and made to feel at home.

If you're not sure about coming along to church on a Sunday then why not pop into one of their many other activities? Many of our churches run other things during the week, check out their websites for more information. You can find a church local to you using our church finder.

You are also welcome to attend any of the circuit and church events which we publicise on this website on our Upcoming Events page.

Who we are