District Youth Fellowship Meeting Via Zoom

Start: 26th April 2020 7:00 pm End: 26th April 2020 8:00 pm

There will be a District Youth Fellowship Meeting this Sunday via Zoom for 11 – 16 year olds at 7pm.

The theme and possible questions for discussion are as follows, please kindly pass them on to the young people before Sunday evening to enable them to contribute in the discussion.

The topic for discussion is 'Speaking Positively.' Bible readings 1 Peter 3v 9-12 and James 3v 2,5-6,7-10. Questions for discussion

1) Why is the tongue so difficult to tame?

2) What are the effects of speaking negatively? (The Bible calls it cursing)

3) What are the effects of speaking positively (The Bible calls it blessing)

4) Have you had any experiences where what someone has said (positively or negatively) has changed a situation completely? Tell us about it.

For information on how to access this fellowship please contact Ermine Mitchell on: emitchell@birminghammethodistcircuit.org.uk


The team organising this Fellowship will ensure that the CHAT facility on Zoom is disabled.

The only person who can override this is the host.

Please ensure your young people are advised that if they receive any chat from the host or anybody else they should report it to their parent, carer or leader.

NB The Waiting room facility will be turned on.

Event Organiser / Contact Details

Name: Ermine Mitchell, Circuit Youth Coordinator

Email: emitchell@birminghammethodistcircuit.org.uk