Children and Youth Worker Gathering - Wellbeing and Authentic Faith

Start: 16th May 2020 10:00 am End: 16th May 2020 3:00 pm

Purpose: A gathering to equip children and youth leaders in their mission and ministry, focused around the topic of wellbeing and authentic faith.

Venue: The Church at Carrs Lane, Carrs Lane, Birmingham City Centre, B4 7SX

About: This year we will be hosting our conference around the topic of wellbeing and authentic faith. Children and Young People in our current culture face an ever-evolving world of information, opportunity and challenge, with technology fuelling a change so fast, that, as parents or youth leaders, keeping up with it all can be quite a challenge. How do we support children and young people to deal well with the challenges that face them? What values and support are helpful? How do we equip them to be authentic followers of Jesus in their generation? Come along to hear about and discuss different topics in this broad field.

Booking: The gathering costs £10 which includes lunch and refreshments. If you are a volunteer leader in your local church, then we hope that you will be able to ask them to pick up the ticket cost or that you can claim it and your travel back.

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Circuit Event

Children and Youth

Event Organiser / Contact Details

Name: Ermine Mitchell

Tel: 07704 025 401


Keynote: Our keynote will be from Mark Watson, Youth Pastor at St John's Church Harborne. Mark will be speaking on how we support children and young people to be active and authentic followers of Jesus in today's culture, with all the unique cultural and technological opportunities and challenges which it presents.

Workshops: We will be holding four workshops, all of which everyone attending the conference will be able to attend, as we rotate around to different stations and engage with different topics. Our topics this year are:

  • Cyber Bullying – How do we equip the children and young people in our churches to protect themselves from cyber bullying and to feel secure in their own identity? Lead by Fitz Storrod from Birmingham City Church.
  • Sharing Faith with other Cultures – The Feast will help us explore the topic of multi-faith conversation and showcase their bible study-based Building Bridges material. Lead by Jill Appleton from The Feast.
  • Discipleship and Mentoring – How do we help children and young people to grow in their own story and to explore who God has called them to be? Lead by Jon Pedley from the Methodist Learning Network.
  • Leading Bible Studies – More and more of our young people are showing a hunger for studying the bible and discipleship, how do we do this relevantly and effectively? Led by Dean Taylor, Circuit C&Y Worker.

Chaplaincy: We will have Chaplaincy support available throughout the day for anyone who wishes to talk through anything on their mind.

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