The Philippians Fund

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The Philippians Fund is an in house funding pot of £10,000.00 per year available to churches within our circuit. It is to help kick start new projects or develop existing ones which fit within our circuit mission statement. The resourcing of Methodist people centred in and around Birmingham for effective evangelism, faithful discipleship, compassionate service and transforming worship within the wider community.

The Philippians Fund was set up because we want to be a circuit which is encouraging its churches to new and exciting work. We want to encourage growth and development. This pot of money can support churches in doing that work.

Finding our more and documentation

If you are a church, worker or project of the circuit then you can find out more in the documentation below. If you have questions then you can get in touch with the team using the following email:

If you have already applied and are coming to the end of your project then you will need to fill in the following form.

Getting in touch with the team

You can get in touch with the Philippians Fund Team by emailing

The fund is now administered by Mal Glenn, who will be the person you are contacting.

The Philippians Fund